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This solution leverages an air-surveillance radar, and rapid deployment to fully and accurately monitor the defined no-fly zone. The radar system defines the range, azimuth, elevation and velocity measurements.



Electro-Optical/Infrared Target Identification

The electromechanical, modular electro-optical / infrared system provides high-resolution, multisensory detection capabilities to identify drone targets. With continuous zoom, autofocus, manual/auto control gain, EO/IR trackers, thermal imaging and optical camera with scene awareness software, the system empowers security teams with detailed information to enable precise drone location and imaging for identification.

Passive Receiver and Direction Finding

The solution provides passive RF detection and direction finding for drones that maintain contact with their operators, even in built-up urban environments. Ideal for on-the- move operations, the system deploys high-gain directional antennas that scan continuously for the most commonly used aerial frequencies, thereby delivering 360°detection. The direction finder, which covers a wide range of bands, measures the radio signals emitted by drones using a method that relies on accurate amplitude measurements and advanced components, including an array of antennas and a fast FFT processing and calibration table, to deliver unerring accuracy



Counter-UAS Effectors

As drones of all sizes and functionalities expand their deployment in both military and civilian domains their ability to cause harm in the hands of malicious actors has also grown exponentially. From economic sabotage and contraband smuggling to terrorist attacks and political assassinations, drones pose one of the decade’s most serious threats.

These effectors act as powerful electronic countermeasures to combat these aerial threats. SIGN4L’s portfolio can help mitigate all types of drone threats. Technologies include stationary and mobile configurations of RF and GNSS Jamming, and GNSS spoofing. Users, such as military infantry, police, homeland security, as well as those providing protection for critical infrastructure such as airports, ports, and energy facilities can deploy the optimal SIGN4L technology.

Our effectors provide multi-range jamming and spoofing capabilities that deny and manipulate the connection (e.g., video, telemetry, command and control, and navigation between the malicious drone and its operator, thereby forcing the drone to become grounded or autopilot back to its home base.

For drone neutralization, SIGN4L offers a broad selection of mid-long range, non-kinetic and soft-kill Counter- UAS technologies.

As technology evolves and attack profiles change, our engineers continually review and enhance existing solutions and develop effective and reliable solutions for both military and civilian domains.

Mobile truck

Mobile Counter-UAS Units Secure The Skies While On The Go

SIGN4L engineers can custom design and integrate a fully mobile Counter-UAS solution with radar, electro-optical / infrared, RF detection, and soft-kill effectors into virtually any ground vehicle. Ideal for military, law enforcement and homeland security, the mobile Counter-UAS solution features onboard power, and an in-vehicle system control centre.

command center

Clear Confident Control

With so much at stake regarding the operation and management of Counter-UAS solutions, SIGN4L offers an advanced, integrated and fully customisable command and control interface. Ideal for large facilities and infrastructure, our resilient C4I system leverages singular command and control, connectivity, and data fusion originating from a network of strategic and tactical sensors.

Providing actionable intelligence that outpaces adversaries enabling deliberate, and rapid decision-making speeds to exploit domain superiority.