At SIGN4L, we develop, acquire and supply lifecycle support for defence and security forces

Electronic wave



We provide electromagnetic or directed energy weapons to degrade, disrupt or deny targeting, navigation and communications of enemy forces. This includes threat analysis and response, as well as countermeasures such as signal jamming, spoofing, lasers, radio frequency (RF) weapons, and a combination of the above solutions to achieve threat neutralization.



V-Protect is a state-of-the-art mobile active and reactive high-power jamming system, enabling blocking of all common terrestrial radio frequency (RF) signal technologies as well as portable SATCOM equipment.

Due to ever-evolving global threats, SIGN4L has developed leading-edge technologies to counter RF controlled devices. Designed and built in the UAE, V-Protect provides seamless and adaptable protection across relevant frequency bands and technologies. Fitted onto a standard SUV, the system is rapidly deployable and efficiently operated for a multirole applications.



We develop solutions that safeguard a country’s personnel, facilities, and equipment from ever-changing electronic attacks. From target acquisition and highly-accurate warning systems to sophisticated countermeasure capabilities, SIGN4L provides the critical edge that saves lives and enables mission success.



GPS-Protect is a GNSS anti-jam system that covers air, land and sea applications. Developed by SIGN4L, the UAE-made system provides significant immunity to jamming, thereby protecting mission critical systems that require assured position, navigation and timing information from GPS.

Featuring the most advanced technology, GPS-Protect implements multiple mitigation methods and specialised digital signal processing algorithms to ensure continuous operation of systems that rely on satellite navigation when GPS jammers or other mechanisms are used to jam or disrupt satellite signals.

Designed to operate under highly dynamic conditions, GPS-Protect is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for SWaP (size, weight and power)-limited unmanned systems and guided weapons.



Through a broad range of technologies and solutions, we ensure that our clients leverage electronic warfare and intelligence capabilities to effectively detect, identify and track electromagnetic energy sources to recognise threats, collect data and inform future operational planning.

This situational awareness capability primarily incorporates electronic intelligence resources such as passive and active radar, and communication intelligence in areas such a GSM, UHF, VHF and electro-optical and infrared sensors.



SIGN4L develops intelligence solutions that ensure the highest level of protection, situational awareness and information superiority in an increasingly complex environment.

Our advanced techniques and integrated solutions provide a decisive advantage to government legal interception and homeland security organisations.